All aides at Miracle Home Care excel at providing quality care and Homemaking Services. We help seniors to continue living at home, keep their daily routines, socialize with friends and maintain independence and a sense of self-sufficiency.

  • Change bedding and linens
  • Laundry and Ironing
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Complete Meal Preparation
  • Light Housekeeping

Change Bedding and Linens

Getting a good night’s rest is very important. Sleep comfortably knowing your linens are clean and fresh.

  • Remove used bed sheets, pillow cases or duvet cover
  • Put on clean set of sheets, pillow cases, covers
  • Wash items in laundry machine
  • Wash blankets or comforter if needed
  • Dry items in the dryer
  • Remove and fold bed set

Laundry and Ironing

We are experts at laundry and ironing. Following these steps, our aides ensure the client always wears clean clothes.

  • Sort laundry by color, dark, light and white articles
  • Sort laundry by fabric to wash at different temperatures
  • Check that all pockets are empty
  • Pre-soak heavily stained items
  • Using the recommended temperature and detergent load items into washing machine
  • Remove washed items and promptly dry in dryer or hang for air-drying
  • Fold or hang dry items
  • Iron items that need to be ironed like pants, skirts and blouses

Bathroom Cleaning

Clean bathrooms are an important part of personal hygiene and overall health. We take the steps to ensure our clients enjoy a clean and healthy house.

  • Remove all dirty clothing
  • Empty trash can
  • Clean the sink with disinfectant wipe
  • Clean the bathtub with disinfectant wipe
  • Using a toilet brush and toilet cleaner, scrub out the inside of the toilet
  • Using glass cleaner wipe down the mirror and other glass surfaces
  • Pickup all the items belonging in another room
  • Return items that belong in the bathroom to their proper places
  • Sweep or mop the floor

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen is the heart of your house. Our aides will ensure your kitchen is sparkling clean so you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying food.

  • Scrape off all the dishes into the trash or garbage disposal
  • Run a sink of hot, soapy water
  • Scrape off all the dishes into the trash or garbage disposal
  • Place dishes that need to soak into the water
  • Go through the kitchen clearing out trash from your floor, counter-top, cupboards, etc
  • Gather and remove all the items that do not belong in the kitchen
  • Load the dishwasher or wash by hand
  • Wash down your counter-top, appliances, and sink
  • Sweep and mop, or vacuum
  • Wipe counter-top with disinfectant wipe
  • Take out the trash

Meal Preparation

Once a senior parent or disabled family member can no longer cook a nourishing meal for themselves, it won’t be long before their health suffers. Our aides help prepare complete, nutritionally balanced meals.

  • Morning Breakfast
  • Afternoon Lunch
  • Evening Dinner
  • Right portion sizes
  • Daily fluid intake and beverages

Light Housekeeping

Our aides make sure the home is neat and organized.  We perform light housekeeping with every visit so your home is free of clutter.

  • Pick up loose items and put them in place
  • Wash couch covers, blankets and throws, if needed
  • Replace batteries in remotes and other everyday electronic devices, if needed
  • Clean and arrange dining area
  • Vacuum rugs and carpet, mop floors
  • Wipe glass surfaces with cleaner
  • Wipe dust from surfaces
  • Take out trash